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Okashi Land

Brief Introduction

'Okashi land is one of the leading retail chains in Hong Kong, specialising in providing high quality Japanese gift boxes, snacks and confectioneries. Offering over 2,000 products from Japan and over the world including popular brands such as Meiji, Glico, Bourbon, Lotte, Guylian, Bandai, Calbee, Haribo, Four Seas and etc, we are committed to providing newest, great-tasting and superb quality snacks to customers and creating an exciting shopping experience.

2015 零食物語 潮.玩. 香港情懷新概念 - 香港駅

Brief Introduction

全新的零食物語新概念店-香港駅座落香港國際機場1號客運大樓7樓東翼大堂7E 106號舖 (機場禁區); 零食物語香港駅以香港特色景物作設計,推出香港手信及日本禮盒系列、雞蛋餅仔及經典懷舊小食包等多款精美嘅手信零食。大家出外探朋友時,不妨到我地分店選購心儀手信禮盒,帶俾遠方親友一個驚喜啦!



Brief Introduction

YOKU MOKU擁有逾40年歷史,一直以來用心製作豐富美味、口感細緻的曲奇,是到日本旅遊時定必購買的手信之一。每一塊YOKU MOKU曲奇都是以「黃金比例」所製成。其經典熱賣產品「Cigare」雪茄蛋卷以北海道牛油為主要材料,配合完美比例的蛋白、砂糖和麵粉,在鐵板上烤製後,捲成雪茄型卷狀,成為真正美味可口的甜點。迄今,YOKU MOKU已於日本設立逾150個銷售點,同時於全球5個地區開設了分店。於2013年,四洲把YOKU MOKU引入香港, 首間專門店進駐香港購物熱點國際金融中心IFC商場。


Calbee Plus

Brief Introduction

Calbee PLUS, a well-known Japanese brand introduced by Four Seas Group, opened the first Okashi Galleria X Calbee PLUS concept store on 21st March 2016 in Lee Tung Avenue, Wanchai. It is the first Calbee PLUS outside of Japan. The design of Okashi Galleria X Calbee PLUS concept store is consistent with the unique style of Calbee PLUS, Japan. Decorated with various mascots and ornaments designed in Japan, the colorful indoor design creates a joyful feeling.With the open kitchen of Calbee PLUS concept store, visitors can watch the entire production process of fresh chips at a glance. Each Calbee PLUS store offers its own limited edition flavour according to the area’s distinct features. “Typhoon Shelter”, a unique flavour that appeals to Hong Kong people, has been selected as the limited flavour at Hong Kong’s first store. In Calbee PLUS concept store, customers can also shop for various limited official premiums including little charm, soft toy, stationery and many more.


Brief Introduction

Located on the 1st floor of Okashi Galleria, Foodfie offers two kinds of workshops: Creative Cup Products Workshop and Creative Bakery Products Workshop. Visitors can create their own original cup noodle by selecting their favorite soup flavour and ingredients, or decorate the biscuit sticks with chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Both come with a customised packaging with your own selfie or uploaded photo.